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tv   Ten O Clock News  KICU  March 29, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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a soggy start to the weekend keeps work crews busy and people racing as a second storm soaks the bay area this week. >> it certainly has been a soggy saturday across the bay area with a big dose of welcome rain. there were heavy down pours throughout the day, including here in concord. >> in san francisco a huge chinese elm tree toppled in the
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castro neighborhood, taking out power and gas lines with it. the tree crashed on hartford street around 20th. pg&e restored service tonight. the storm is expected to bring as much as two feet of snow to the higher elevations in the sierra nevada. here's a look at interstate 80 around king vail. drivers were turned around for a time because of all the snow fall. there are chain requirements on interstate 08 been baxter and truckee. we have team cover tonight but we begin with the meteorologist. >> those numbers really adding up, with the cold front moving slowly across the bay area earlier today and into the afternoon hours and into the evening hours. you can see san rafael, marin county picking up an inch of
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rain. san francisco nearly three quarters of an inch. ben lomond, an inch. the rain showers are moving to the south. the most active weather tonight has been up to our north, butte county where storm system touched tornado warning. it has expired. some developments over the last hour since about 9:00 o'clock. some scattered rain showers right around san francisco and the bay bridge. moving the map to the south, you get an idea of the overall progression with the rain showers approaching the santa cruz mountains. also this one development approaching fremont. so fremont and newark, the rainfall rates picking up as you can see out toward thornton avenue and paseo pad dray park way. coming up the timing of another
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storm, a much cool are one, that will bring a drop-off in snow levels. live in burlingame where weather has affected traffic for several hours now. >> you can see right behind me crews are very busy trying to repair two power lines that came down in the storm today. a supervisor told me it will be at least another half hour before they this stretch of el camino real open. in burlingame tonight power was knocked out. southbound el camino reall was closed so crews could tend to a fallen tree. here's what it looked like in oakland today. at the san francisco ferry building, some were were caught without umbrellas at the farmers market. at this has been at that time
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humanity event, volunteers continued their efforts to collect tombs in spite of the weather. >> it's such a good cause. habitat for humanity. >> in sfrans castro district, the storm toppled this tree. power and gas lines were knocked out as well. >> my hunch is this heavy rain today washed down the street, over saturated the soil and the roots couldn't hold it. >>reporter: and back out here, crews are working to get these repairs done as quickly as possible. they have to get to another do you understand power line in hillsborough before the end of the night. it was a washout at the coliseum for the final game of the bay brinl series between the
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a and the giants. the rain also caused some flooding in the coaches room which has had some problems in the past. parts of the coliseum are below sea level. the weather caused typical delays at the san francisco airport. the average delay stretched to about an hour. tonight the delays are less than 15 minutes. down load our ktvu weather app for the very latest. get your weather anywhere, any time on your smartphone or tablet. in developing news tonight's, more than a hundred yaf shocks have rattled people in orange county as they dealt with the 5.1 earthquake. people ooh evacuated in fullerton after people found dangerous conditions in their
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homes, including cracks in foundations. new details on the quake's aftermath. >>reporter: there is a lot of aftermath left to contend with. the road closure here all due to rock slides in carbon canyon here in bray a. throughout the day we got a first hand look at communities dealing with the aftermath of the earthquake that hit yesterday evening, a 5.1 tremor, and residents and businesses are left to pick up the pieces. shattered bottles, that's what owners had to clean up the day after the quake shook the area last night. >> it was a big mess when you came in? >> yeah, twa really a mess. >> besides bottles of liquor on the shelves, ceiling tiles and lights also came down. they lost a hefty amount of inventory. >> $2,000 i think. >> the daniel and destruction is
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evident in many neighborhoods of fullerton. fire officials say they have red tagged at least 40 structures deemed unsafe, and many businesses were closed, due to cleanup. area residents say there's a lot of destruction inside their home. >> it took out everything. stuff was falling out of my garage, from the rafters. my dog was freaking out. all our china broke, wine bottles of the it looked like a mess in my house. . >>reporter: we've seen emergency crews still out surveying the scene in different communities. the cleanup is not over yet and with a 4.1 after shock in this area here, residents are still shaken up and they're gearing up for the next one. we are getting a closer look tonight at the investigation that led to the arrest of state senator lelandy on federal
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charges of corruption and arms trafficking. court documents show that this investigation began three years ago. that's whenny' chief fund-raiser was introduced to and you cover fbi agent. he was posing as an associate of an ex-convict. according to vests,y took bribes from the under coffer agent in exchange for political favors. on wednesday,y, chow and several others were arrested. the state senate voted to suspendy. a growing chorus of lawmakers is calling on him to stand down. >> i have to agree with the others that he should make that independent determination to resign. it puts the publics interest in mind first, which i hope he remembers and honors that, because that's important. >> mayor ed lee says the public
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deserves a senator that can represent them. tonight cities around the world turned off their lights to mark earth hour. san francisco joined at 830 tonight. the annual event raises awareness about energy consumption. that's one of the biggest contributes to global emissions and climate change. organizers say more than a hundred countries took part this year. >> count down. officials in paris unclogged the iefl to your -- unplugged the iefl tower. in seoul after the darkness, children spelled out earth hour korea in led es and in japan children dressed up as spider
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man as they watched the lights go out. the shooting death much a man by police prompts criticism, as well as calls for change. >> we called for help, they didn't help us. they just killed him. >> one city councilwoman says this shooting sheds light on a very important issue. martin luther king junior's son sees an a
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the main rain band moving out of the bay area. the focus of the shower ak tiflt heading to the south and east. we'll continue to keep an eye on the radar and have a forecast update in just a few minutes. a somber vigil tonight for a pacifica man killed after a six-hour standoff with police. people turned out to mourn a mentally ill man shot and killed by a swat officer. some are questioning why er ol change had to die. >>reporter: there is still a memorial in his front yard and people lingered tonight and added to it.
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this is the house where where er ol change lived and died. >> we called for help. they didn't help him. they just killed him. >> zl this gathering in the coastal drizzle was as silent as the incident was hectic. hours of a standoff before storage the house where he lived with his dad and engaging in a deadly confrontation. >> i think right around here is where it happened. >> mat change shows where his brother fell, shot by a daly city officer on the swat team after change had shot at another officer with a knife. >> he was a paranoid schizophrenic, so he was afraid people were trying to hurt him. >> family questions why officers had to rush through door at all. why they couldn't wait him out. >> eventually he was going to
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get hungry. these pictures, it looks like he's surrendering. >> our cameras caught the same image, change putting his hands out the window but police were worried he had an ax and perhaps a rifle. neighbors had been evacuated. many family and friends held candles and wore green ribbons. >> they could have gassed him out, done rubber bullets. there's so many other steps that could have been taken here and here's theout come we're all heart broken. i lost a childhood friend i had for 20 plus years or something. >> among those in the crowd tonight a pacifica city councilwoman who noted the use of force is under review. the tragedy eliminates a bigger need. >> i truly hope this leads to a strengthening of services for
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mental health care and access to medical health care. i think that's vitally important. >> pacifica police didn't respond to our inquiries today but they had said before they hoped change would surrender but he had refused. his loved ones say that was due to his fear and paranoia escalating and if they had to do it all over again, they would not call the police for help. a march and rally was held today in san francisco to denounce the death of a 28-year old city college student shot and killed by police. it was a week ago friday that he was shot in bernal heights park after officer certifies were called there to check on reports of a man in a gun. police say when they told him to show his hands. it turned out knee et toe was holding a taser. the organizers of the rally say
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they don't believe he pointed the taser at the officers. they described him as a devout buddhist. san francisco city police say one of their officers today opened up by accident. the unusual chain of events led to shooting in neighborhood. martin luther king the third viewed the bronze sculpture today for the first time. his father and mother are depicted in the sculpture, along with president link con and .22 other leaders. >> this is a great skum tour, not just good or decent, it's a great sculpture, because it truly per sonifies women and men who have changed our world. >> the scum tear also presented king with a working model of his
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parents. he saw the proof shortly in the -- in the studio shortly after his mother's death and said he was very moved. >> these are tools to educate young people, older people, students and it inspires you, especially if you begin to think about the work that is not done. >> the freedom center in atlanta is expected to take that model of the kings and display it there, probably in the atlanta district. tesla has reached a deal to keep selling its electric cars in new york. the state automobile dealers association had hoped to shut down teslas five new york stores. the group disputes teslas direct sales approach.
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tesla explains it need its own people to explain the technical cars. time is running out to sign up for health insurance under the affordable care act. officials say they've been seeing a big up swing in enrollment in the past week. we spoke with the head of covered california who explained the penalty people will pay if they don't have coverage. >> if you decide you're going without coverage, then when you file taxes at the end of 2014, you're going to be charged $95 es or greater of your income. >> the process often takes longer than one online session to complete. those who start by midnight monday night will have two more weeks to finish their applications. has a special section devoted to the sign-up.
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just look for hot tommics on our -- topics on our home page. . former gaining members turned in their gaining paraphernalia in hopes of turning over a new leaf [ gang ]. >> it was unity day in san jose with resources and job support for young people. but perhaps the most life changing support here came from the east side here rows. >> we invite teenagers, especially gang members, to turn in their gang colors, knives. i've done just a lot of thipgs i really don't want to talk about and they're just things that i don't think no one should ever have to do. >> he brought in some red gang clothes as he is transitioning out of gang life, going back to school, becoming a mechanic and becoming more involved in society. >> as i walk down my block i now
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see people smiling, not crossing the street, trying to avoid me. >> it's all about the colors, so much so that a jerry rise 49er jersey can qualify. the sad thing, some of these kids don't even know who jerry rise is. >> oftentimes what happens is these kids get shot and i've seen instances where kids have literally lost the use of their legs. they're young. >> he also es -- she also escaped the gang life. >> toying college, work, take care of my son. try to give him a better future. >> for his gang clothes he got movie classes. ships return to the indian ocean in turn of that missing
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malaysian jet liner. the tools that crews plan to use before those data recorders stop sending out a signal pretty soon. a different kind of buried treasure, how one man's hobby solved a 40-year old mystery. >> and the showers are
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investigators are looking into the role today's wet weather might have played in a crash that sent this car plowing right through a fence and into a house. it happens this morning in sell so brawn ti near the intersection of hill top drive and ren fro road. the car brought down 50 feet of chain link fence. the driver was air lifted to a hospital as extra precaution. no one in the house was hurt.
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search for the malaysian airliner, ships return to the southern indian ocean in search for flight 370 and the search for the 239 people aboard. investigators say it appears nothing foupd so far was from the missing plane. today's ships scanned the water for those brightly colored objects spotted by a chinese plane but that search turned up nothing. tomorrow the australians are planning to use an under water dreend a ping er locator in hopes of finding the data tracker. a man in kuala lumpur has still not told his children what is keeping their mother from
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returning home. malaysia's minister of defense says there is little to no hope that anyone survived the plane's crash but pledged today that he would go on and hope against hope for positive results. a pennsylvania man looking for buried treasure found something of priceless value to his family. mike crews oh spends his weekends metal detecting. last weekend while exploring the backyard of an in-laws house, he found a gold reasoning. >> i pulled out what looked like a reasoning and i cleaned it off and stuck it on my finger and put my gloves back on and pulled out another bottle cap. >> i couldn't believe it. i didn't know if i should cry. i was just in shock. . >>reporter: when crews oh saw the initials and date on that reasoning, he knew it belonged
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to his wives grandmother. she dropped her wedding ring in the shower and never expected to see it again. same sex marriage became legal in england and wales today and many people celebrated with weddings just after the stroke of midnight this morning. british prime minister called eight historic day. the church of eke land had long opposed same sex marriage. we're getting a new look at eight-month old prince george. the picture of the prince with his parents. the family is getting ready for a tour of new england and australia next week. a moment of silence noers killed and still missing in killed and still missing in washington state tonig woah, this kitchen is beautiful!
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yea, let's do that! ikea. professional kitchen services at a low price. more activity on live storm tracker. the focus of the showers down toward the southern half of the region, toward the santa cruz mountains. right around sunnyvale, east bay out toward fremont. the heaviest rain has moved out to the south and also to the east. coming up, sunday more rain clouds. we'll have that coming up in just over five minutes. new developments now from washington state where the number of people unaccounted for in that deadly mud slide has dropped dramatically from 90 to
11:30 pm
30. word of fewer missing people came this evening. the number was expected to drop as people were located. >> the number of dead increased today to 18. crews stopped their work today to honor the missing and the dead. >> it's been one week since nip caught in the oh so lapped slide has been pulled out alive. but that did not change the determination of workers digging through the mud and trees today. >> at this point everybody is tired. there's people out here that you can't get them to go home. they're looking for loved ones. >> firefighters turned to face an american flag hanging at half mass. at 1037, the exact moment the landslide wiped away homes and took so many lives, everything
11:31 pm
stopped by but the rain: a minute later the loud and difficult work resumed. crews are sorting and bagging personal belongings pulled from the rubble with the hope of returning them to their owners. others sifted through mud dug up by a back how, one scoop at a time. the national guard lent a hand in an effort that is expected to continue for weeks. way from the front lines in arlington volunteers comforted responders with warm food. >> we're seeing exhausted people and hearing stories that are amazing. >> there have been kerps about additional land sludz. geologists have been putting tin foil on the sides of trees so they can see movement from a
11:32 pm
distance. eric rasmussen is tweeting as hs he's kofrg this story in washington. you can follow him along with k for major defrments in this story. family and friends after san francisco general hospital patient found in a stairwell dead say they are grateful for a safety review through. her body was found 17 days after she disappeared from her hospital room last fall t review recommends that the hospital appoint a security manager and set up a safety center. >> as we transition from an old unseismic general hospital to a new one in the next few years, we'll have an opportunity to work on some of these systems, but we've got to work on some of these right away.
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he hopes. >> he hopes --. . police say an officer's gun went off today in an investigation into a stolen car in san francisco's north beach neighborhood. an officer with a gun in hand approached a stolen video. here senior video of that car and you will see a bullet hole in the side of the window. when the driver saw the approaching officer he started to drive open with the door open. >> the open door struck the officer in the arm. at that time is when the impact caused the weapon to go off that the officer was holding. the officer then took -- the suspect then took off. the driver is still on the loose. there is no evidence that the driver or anyone else was hit by
11:34 pm
that bullet. some pin tress users are being warned to reset their passwords. large amounts of spam being posted. pin tress say the amounts were secured and the affected users have been notified. united airlines inch rathd new nonstop service from san francisco airport to taipei, taiwan. ceremonies at sfo marked the event. the new service will help with the tourism and economic development. a passenger told us he was excited about the time that he will save on that direct flight. >> in the past i usually go through tokyo and taipei, so that's an additional 4 to 5 hours of wait time so this is definitely faster. >> tail e flights are scheduled
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to leave from sfo at 1.00 every day. what pope francis the great american novel.
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we still have some active weather to talk about here in the bay area. the showers redeveloping in the last 2 to 3 hours. right now you can't see the loop. we had the rain showers here in the bay area, and also significant storm in the sierras. we could have snow fall totals by the end of the weekend on the
11:38 pm
order of 1 to 2 feet. back here in the bay area you'll see the real active weather is down around the santa cruz mountains. also out toward the fremont and milpitas areas. the heavier rain down pure the down towards warm springs boulevard. in the santa cruz mountains the rain really picking up. scotts valley, about a quarter of an inch an hour. could be possibly topping a half an inch an hour. things will be changing for tomorrow. very ak ti weather week. first storm on wednesday. storm two for today. the next one developing will be moving in monday, latter half of monday, into tuesday. tomorrow could be considered a break day but the one we're
11:39 pm
watching for monday into tuesday as the progress si pattern remains into place. tomorrow for the most part should be dry. chance of a light shower but the bulk of the activity will be moving to the south and east. cold front yesterday. showers moving out with partly cloudy skies. chance of answer isolated sprinkle or late shower over the hills. the forecast model, at 1:00 o'clock tomorrow, a few sprinkles in parse of the south bay. into monday morning, starting out dry but lots of cloud cover out there. into the afternoon hours, by mid to late afternoon, rain chances going up.
11:40 pm
once the system moves through, cold air moves in and that could bring our snow levels down to 3200 feet. chance of thunderstorms monday and tuesday. forecast tomorrow upper fif advertise, low to mid 60s. tomorrow sun cloud mixed but pretty exciting weather pattern. cold showers into tuesday. possibly sfoe levels down to 3500 feet. you could be dodging the hail drops as well. >> today was a crazy day all over california. tornado warnings. >> we'll have some pretty impressive snow fall totals by tomorrow. another ground breaking move by pope francis as he broke
11:41 pm
tradition as the pope kneeled and confessed his since in front of the audience. the pope made his pun lick confession as he stressed the importance of confession. . these women got a big sendoff as they left for washington, d.c. today. five rosy the rif tors got ready to depart. they volunteer at the rowsy the rivet tore historic park in richmond. virgin america donated the tickets. . the men's ncaa tournament has two of its final four teams in. the high school
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welcome to saturday night edition of sports wrap. six games yesterday. the northern california schools won four on the weekend in which the state basketball championships are decided in sacramento. the south swept all six of the remaining games. tough challenge in the opening game where bishop o'dowd had to take on the number one ranked team in the nation. off to a kwing start. o'dowd up by six there but
11:45 pm
turned the ball over 14 times in the first half. modern day has a player by the name of substantially johnson. -- stanley johnson. very long three for johnson here on the way to a 25 point game. johnson has the distinction of playing on a state championship team. the monday association win. the dragons have to settle for northern california champs while the monday association are overall best in the state. >> in the girls, jack rabbits up 13 at the half. ma rye a more gets the hoop plus the foul. then it was three, this time moor is on the assist with mac fair getting the assist. it was all long beach poly after
11:46 pm
that. clark doing the honors. the pride finishes the year at 30 and 7. long beach poly is the state champion. in girls division 2, san hoe assist mid e went down big to shaum nod. the results no better in girls division 4. in boys catholic hayward lost big to tore rans. the south sweeps today's game for an 8 to 4 edge. half of today's ncaa final four field is decided in a thrill er. the number one seed against second wielded -- seeded wisconsin. the badger fans put on a pretty good demonstration of why. the badgers erase a one point
11:47 pm
deficit, go up by two. jefferson for the jam. that tied it at 54. to overtime they go. wisconsin took the early lead but gordon answers back with three of his own. tied at 57. one last chance for arizona down one. the wild cats in bound. nick johnson tries the work for the shot, he's stifled by the defense. that shot wouldn't have counted. wild cats come up one short. wisconsin veteran coach bow ryan is headed there for the first time in his career. 64-63. wisconsin advances where it will meet the winner of tomorrow's game. >> extremely proud. it's always about the players and what they went through to get to this point and feel the
11:48 pm
way they do now. we hope it continues. >> we've got a lot of basketball left. we're comboeg to enjoy this now but this is business. we want a national championship now. >> it had been a nice tournament for dayton but today the fliers had the task of taking on the number one seed florida. finals in memphis against the team that had done this before. just too much florida from top to bottom. trying to hang around but this hurt just before halftime. scotty fires off a long three the buzzer. led the gators as they took a lead to the locker room and dayton never really threatened in the second half. florida will head to the final
11:49 pm
four for the sixth time in in school history. florida will go against the winner of tomorrow's michigan skate-yukon game. [ state ] chl. colorado was the difference maker in today noon west coast time in denver. sharks scored on a power play. it took san jose a period to find their rhythm. another power play. dan boil tries to catch the puck but it gets past him and tony macleod skates in for an easy goal. combine the 3 to 2 loss with an mimes loss a. the number three play off spot in the west. the win clin chs a playoff spot
11:50 pm
for the avalanche. >> deduction and the white already led in the first period. anaheim led 3 to 1 and then had to two p -- two more in the third. the ducks have one more point than san jose in the pacific division. rain washed out the final game of the bay brinl series b
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i gotta go deposit a check, transfer some money. so it's your uncle's turn. what? wait, wait, wait... no, no, no, wait, wait. (baby crying) so you can deposit a check... with the touch of a finger. so you can arrange a transfer in the blink of an eye. so you can help make a bond... i got it. that lasts a lifetime. the chase mobile app. so you can. two problems at the oakland coliseum today. one you could easily see and one you did not want to see.
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the third and final game of the bay series was wiped out due to weather. they'll need to do something about the sewer system before the a's open on monday. the a's set their 25-man roster. sam full, the former stanford player has made the team as out fielder. he played three years with the cubs and then three with tampa. some are some of the highlights. catcher steven vogue and el more will gi fwin the season in aaa. pitchers ryan cook and aj griffin and gentry all begin the year on the disabled list. >> wild card inch fielder on the giants staff made the roster. arias fills the voild at second
11:55 pm
base. lots of new faces on the giants roster. pitchers ron guiterrez and david huff. tim hudson one of the offseason acquisitions. the giants hope to ghetto fenn sieve punch that wasn't there last year. >> reminder you can get in the opening day spirit with a couple of special shows here. giants back on top can be seen tomorrow on four at ktvu and and eight on k icu. the oakland a's going all the way airs tomorrow. another season in which the san jose earthquakes are digging a hole to start the year. the quakes had not lost at home in more than a year. they trail 1-0 in the
11:56 pm
six-minute. game tied at one. bit of controversy here. they're in stoppage time and a foul the called. down the left wing. beats the goal keeper. gives revolution a 2-1 win. 30-year old pro golfer has a chance for big career day tomorrow. fill mick ellison couldn't finish the round and had to be hauled off. kuch er tied. 30-year old australian steven bode itch got his round off to a pretty good start. chipped in a hole that's a birdy. hole number two is par five.
11:57 pm
bode i shall shooting his fifth shot. bode itch finished with a 68. he'll have a three margin as he tries to win tomorrow. back to baseball though. looking forward to it. >> isn't there always something special when baseball rolls around. springtime, revision of life. there is something special. i'm looking forward to it. >> any predictions? >> a lot of people expect the a's to be where they were, contending for the west. the giants have to have their starting pitching good. they're hoping that some of the things that happened in the spring are not indications of their team. it all for them pretty much hinges on that. thank you for choosing ktvu channel 2 news. join ktvu mornings on two starting at 7:00 a.m.
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with more on the rain and all the overnight news. >> you can fall us on and twitter
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